Adrian Diubaldo is from Denver, Colorado.  His relationship with photography not a very novel one.  He didn't grow up with a camera constantly in his hands or at his side.  It started because he had a crush on a girl in the early years of college in Flagstaff, Arizona.  His pursuit, though not fruitful, uncovered an obsession with photography he did not expect to have.

He spent the remaining years of school constantly honing his skills and studying photojournalism as a profession.  Adrian worked as a photojournalist from 2007-2010,  Then he began making imagery as a service for musicians and bands nationally and locally renown to Denver.  His company was called Photo Roadies. 

In 2013, Adrian moved to Santa Barbara, California to study photography and art.  His understanding of photography and appreciation for art work completely changed, as did himself and his work.  After nearly completing his MFA thesis at the Brooks Institute in Ventura California, the school closed it's doors forever.  A sad occurance indeed.

Adrian Diubaldo is currently living in Colorado and continually exploring the transformative value of his art.  Most recently, he has been investigating Bipolar Disorder and the effect of mental illness on those closely connected to it.  By imbuing his work with discoveries about own Bipolar Disorder, his goal is to contribute to the alleviation of any stigma associated with the mental illness. 

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     I would sincerely love to talk with anyone who has been touched by art, or my work.  If you would like a print of my photography please contact me directly, and we can discuss the details of the transaction. 

~ Adrian